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Subject: Cross Train with Yoga in the Off Season


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Athletic Yoga Video Is A Great Holiday Gift

Cross Train with Yoga in the Off Season

Baltimore, Maryland, November 2008 – The ‘off season’ is an ideal time for triathletes to add yoga to their training schedules. Yoga is great for New Years Resolutions too, helping people gain flexible strength and reduce stress. The Flexible Warrior three DVD multi pack ($89.95) is a great gift for the triathlete on your holiday list.

Athletic Yoga Teacher, Spinning Instructor and runner, Karen Dubs has created a yoga video designed specifically for inflexible athletic bodies. The Flexible Warrior:  Athletic Yoga for Triathletes  series combines total body and core strength exercises with functional flexibility for the ultimate time-efficient, cross training workout for triathletes.

This straightforward, athletic approach to yoga is great for anyone who struggles to stretch. The videos feature a variety of multi sport athletes to inspire non – flexible types to modify poses and let go of competition while stretching and strengthening with yoga.   

Every spring through fall season, thousands of triathletes and runners participate in races from 5K’s and sprint distance triathlons to Marathon and Ironman distance triathlon. Endurance athletes put a lot of mileage on their bodies and most cringe at the thought of stretching. Yet research shows that flexibility and cross training can prevent imbalance and overuse injuries while greatly improving performance and reducing recovery time.  The biggest reasons why people don’t stretch or do yoga are 1) they think yoga it is too easy, slow, weird or boring and is just for flexible people and 2) they don’t have time.      

The Flexible Warrior: Athletic Yoga for Triathletes DVD series features Dubs along with fellow runners and multi sport athletes.  “If you can’t touch your toes, you will be in good company,” says Dubs. The video is broken down into time efficient 15 to 30-minute segments to increase energy, core and total body strength, balance and flexibility.  “After spending years working with many athletes, one common denominator has been getting them to slow down and stretch,” says Dubs. “Improving flexibility in the off season can help create strength that is flexible, adaptable and able to bend without breaking - which is the concept behind the name ‘Flexible Warrior’.” 

Yoga makes a great holiday gift since the off season is the best time for athletes to add yoga into their busy training schedule. The Flexible Warrior DVD series is available at or

Karen Dubs trains professional and recreational athletes, triathletes, golfers, runners and Baltimore Ravens football players.
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