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BASH Winter Tri - TriathlonWinter

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Soldier Hollow, Utah
United States
10F / -12C
Total Time = 1h 47m 26s
Overall Rank = 56/60
Age Group = M 40-44
Age Group Rank = 7/7
Pre-race routine:

Tried to keep warm! Since BT doesn't have a winter tri format, I'll post my RR in the box below.
Event warmup:

So I thought I would try my hand at a winter tri for something different....and that is what I got! It was another well run race by WARP. It was a very brisk morning for everyone, but the air was crisp and clean.

Pre-Race: Check-in was a breeze. Lots of space in Transition for the gear. It was fun to see other Sharks up there.

Run--2.8 miles (2 loops): So RL was the morning's emcee, and he announced that the race would start in 5 minutes. Most racers stayed bundled up until the last minute. I stripped down to my racing attire and got ready. I guess someone (racer) got there late and they let them get set-up and ready to race---so it was an extra cold 5 minutes or so!!! RL finally fired the starting gun and we were off. I stayed really cold for about a mile, then gradually warmed up. By the time I finished, my gloves and hat were off and I was very warm. I wore Yak Trax on my shoes, but probably didn't need them. I wore them for a little extra traction with my troubled knee.

T1: I wanted to switch from light running gloves to heavier biking gloves...I couldn't get the heavier gloves on b/c my hands were clammy--note to self, next time, don't switch gloves.

Mtn Bike--2.8 miles (2 loops, same as run): So I was worried about the ski portion of this race....I should have been worried about the bike! I had alot of trouble biking thru the loose snow (kindof like biking thru sand, but it's frozen!). I saw others having trouble too, so that made me feel better. Biking on the packed snow was fun. I was a delicate balance between speed and balance on the snow. Downhill is tricky! I took a few spills, but that's why helmets are mandatory! On the 2nd loop, about 1/3 to 1/4 the way in, I stood up on a soft, hill for power (which is a big mistake, as you want your butt on the seat for weight on the back wheel, but instinct took over), and I heard a bad sound in the chain area. Great, chain came off.....look down, nope, my chain snapped in two. While it was closer to turn around and go back to Transition to DNF, I tied my chain onto my handle bars, grabbed the handles, and started jogging with the lame bike. I was passed by most everyone. I had forgotten to take my Yak Trax off for the bike, but as it turns out, I needed them! Finally got back to the ski.

T2: My Gatorade was frozen! I had some trouble getting my ski's locked into my boots--that sucked! Finally got going...

X-C Ski--2.8 miles (2 loops): I consider myself a beginner x-c skier, so I was a little concerned about how I would endure on the course and the downhill portions. Everything was actually going ok. I got into a good rhythmn (I do Classic skiing--need to learn skate ski--it's faster!) I got to my first big downhill. Started down in a plow, but said 'screw it' and put my butt down and pointed my ski's downhill--Whoa! I got some good speed going, and stood up a bit too much and was DOWN! Ouch. There was more more big downhill at the end, and I did the same thing bug miraculously made it down ok. RL welcomed me back from my 1st loop and I was off for the 2nd. The 2nd was bit better than my 1st because I knew what to expect. This time, I made it down the 1st hill, but busted my ass on the 2nd....stood up again! As I was skiing, I realized I was out there alone....I kept looking back for other racers, but never saw any.....OMG, am I last?? RL welcomed me back and I crossed the finish line. I was tired and thirsty, and a young man politely demanded my racing bib. No rest for the weary.

I asked some Sharks at the finish line if I was last, and they told me 'no, there were a few others out there'....but yeah, I finished dead last....dead last! There were 4 DNF's, so guess it depends on how you measure last. As I look at it, I could have quit on the bike, but decided not to. I've never DNF'ed, and never plan to.

This was another high quality WARP event. Thank you to WARP and to the volunteers. It was a totally different kind of race, and was fun to be a part of. I highly encourage anyone looking for something different in the winter months to give it a try....but don't forget your bike helmet.
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