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2010-01-07 2:10 PM

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Canton, MI. via Detroit
Subject: WCSX
Yay! we can listen again! Sort of. I'm still mad about the firing of JJ and Lynn but at least these boneheads are gone.

'Deminski & Doyle' off WCSX

2010-01-08 1:42 PM
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Traverse Cityish
Subject: RE: WCSX
They tried to bring on a show to rival what the Drew and Mike show was since there is such market weakness in Detroit. However bringing on two a$$clowns that don't appeal to your demographic isn't the best way to do it.

Glad D&D are gone, actually just glad I moved and then got XM.
2010-01-08 2:05 PM
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Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Subject: RE: WCSX

Some of you might remember a while ago I took issue with D&D about a piece they did on road rage and cycling - I'd like to think the full-court press we put on sponsors, D&D themselves, and WCSX contributed to their release. Ply your wares elsewhere, boys, and good riddance.

It's kinda coincidental that the firing happened on the same day as the Doctor in LA got sentenced to 5 years in prison for road rage against cyclists - check BT's Tri-talk forum or velonews.

It's a good day when D&D are gone and that menace is off the road.  It's progress, people, one crazy story at a time.  
2010-01-13 8:35 AM
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Small Town
Subject: RE: WCSX
No more D&D??  Oh the heartbreak...

*Won't be missed*
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