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2010-08-11 2:27 PM
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Subject: RE: Jeff Galloway run/walk?
trimore - 2010-08-11 1:33 PM

I actually found this thread on Google while doing some research on the Galloway run/walk method.

I have had calf tightness, ITB and various other aches and pains now and in the past especially as I start to get up over 35-40 minutes. 

My last run, I started to feel the ITB pain at the knee or what I thought might be that pain.  Since I have had it and am trying a come back, I am very cognizant of it and anything that might feel like it throws red flags. After the ITB pain on my last run, I walked for about a min and stretched it a little and then started back up without further issue and did a 45 min run.  

This got me to thinking about the Galloway method and if I should just do the walk/run and get over the ego thing I have where I want to be able to run the whole distance.  Maybe that is not realistic for me at this point. 

So, after reading all these testimonies and the idea that in many cases it does not slow you down as I thought it would, then I am definately going to switch to it for the next 30 days or so and see how it goes. 

I seem to be injury prone and I would rather run/walk than nothing if it will help.....

Thanks everyone for their comments.

I think I will start with a 4min/1min and see how that goes.   Right now, my pace is about 10:30 per mile.  My 5k PR before the ITB was 9:10...


I have used Galloway's run/walk for years and I think it is very beneficial for starting out and for endurance running (can't comment on fast running b/c that isn't me).  For me, it really helps keep my legs fresh on long runs.  However, I am not sure if it will help with avoiding problems with calf tightness or ITB problems. 

In my experience, calf tightness and ITB issues can be helped or eliminated with different stretching techniques, including trigger-point and other deep tissue massage therapy.  I suggest you figure out how to reduce the tightness in your calf and the tightness that causes ITB problems, before they lead to larger problems.

With that being said, definately try the Galloway run/walk and see how it can help you with your running.

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