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2010-09-15 6:42 PM

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Aerodynamics Expert & Components Designer John Cobb to Introduce Latest Products at Interbike

Tyler, TX (Sept 15, 2010) –
John Cobb announced today the immediate availability of the latest addition to his line of Cobb Cycling saddles, the SHC road. The SHC, as well as the V-Flow, Plus, Max and HC170 models, can all be ordered through bike shops or purchased online at:

At Interbike, in addition to showcasing the SHC and his other road/TT models, Cobb will introduce his new series of off-road saddles comprised of the Plus DRT and SHC DRT. A play on the word “dirt”, each DRT model is designed to satisfy various levels of cushiness as well as the ergonomic requirements of different types of off-road riding.

The Plus DRT provides thicker padding and greater structural volume for all-mountain comfort and efficiency. The SHC DRT is designed for cross-country with an emphasis on minimal weight and speed, while providing the same ergonomic pressure-relief ergonomics that characterize his entire line. DRT models provide impact and tear resistance with the implementation of a Kevlar panel along the rear sides and back of each saddle.

“My seats have long been celebrated for their superior ergonomics in road and triathlon cycling, since I carefully research how nose and backend widths affect a rider’s muscles, body heat and power output,” explained Cobb. “At the same time, many of the hardcore racers I work with have pushed me to create sleeker and lighter weight models, including for off-road. My new SHC road model is professional peloton ready, and my DRT models can satisfy any and all off-road needs,” Cobb concluded.

The SHC retails for $189.99, features titanium rails and is available in White-Black or Black-White color schemes.  The Plus DRT and SHC DRT models will be available by mid-October; both feature tubular CrnTi alloy rails. The Plus DRT will retail for $149.99 in optional colors Gray-Black Kevlar or White-Black. The SHC DRT will retail for $189.99 in Black-Black Kevlar or White-Black graphics.

About Cobb Cycling
For over two decades, John Cobb has been consulting for some of cycling’s most prominent brands, as well as working with some of the world’s top athletes. He is an internationally acclaimed aerodynamics and biomechanics expert, as well as the owner of multiple design patents. John has researched, tested, created or redesigned helmets, forks, handlebars, frames and wheels. He has also worked in the wind tunnel and honed the positions of the biggest names in the sport, such as Lance Armstrong and Greg LeMond. John works with hundreds of cyclists and multisport athletes each year, including several Ironman Champions, to improve their ergonomics, comfort, efficiency and power output. For more information about John and his new products, go to:  Also coming soon:



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