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2010-10-08 9:08 PM

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Boulder, Colorado
Subject: Introducing the D3 Energy Lab!

D3 Multisport is introducing the ultimate in group indoor training at the new D3 Energy Lab to open this November in Boulder, CO!

There is no other center like this in the area and it can benefit YOU this winter when the temperature drops, the winds are howling, and the road is covered in snow!

The D3 Energy Lab will provide a CompuTrainer MultiRider system with coached workouts allowing up to 16 riders at a time. This system provides a new, exciting and technically superior method of indoor group bike training and racing. It's a great way to stay motivated and to stick to a training program (off-season or in-season).

Workouts will include:

1.       Time Trial to determine your Lactate Threshold

2.       *Weekly threshold workouts to improve your racing ability

3.       *Weekend long rides on courses YOU will race on!

4.       *Special Events!


Want to check out this incredible new training option? Well, here is your chance. EVERY rider will get their first ride for FREE and be entered to win a 4 week training block of 8 FREE classes! It’s simple, go to the website and enter TODAY!

We also have a special promotion that will give you a chance to win 8 free rides this winter.  Go to for more information. While you’re there you can enter to WIN. Make sure to enter the promo code “BT_10”. The winner will be selected on October 27th.


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