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2010-10-12 4:56 AM

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Victoria, Australia
Subject: Shin splints
Hey everyone, I'm starting out in the tri scene, I've trained once before for a few months but got plagued with injury and stopped.

I completed certificate 3 and 4 in fitness about a year ago now and just recently ive regained the passion i had before to complete a tri or 30.

My only concern i have is the i have find that i have lots of trouble with shin splints, and a dislocated A/C joint.

Is there any tips for the shin splints problem? I understand what i must do for the A/C joint!

2010-10-12 7:38 AM
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Finally north of the Mason-Dixon Line
Subject: RE: Shin splints

run on grass or treadmill for softness.  build gradually on distance.  but if you do get shin splints ice ASAP!

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