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2010-10-21 6:43 PM

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Pfafftown, NC
Subject: Bone spur under knee cap?
I was in my family doctor's office, yesterday, for an unrelated matter (check-up).  I mentioned the tenderness I was having in my left knee.  He said "Let's x-ray it".  Cool. 

They took one "shot" from about a 45deg. angle (bottom to top) and the negative shows a small bone spur, under my cap.  Makes sense, as the discomfort I'm experiencing is very centralized.  He seems to think I can control the inflammation with ice alone.  I hope he's right.  But, I haven't run on it in 8 days.  And, I think it's still too tender to do so (I'd planned to take 2 weeks+ off of it).

Anyone ever experience anything like this?  I have a friend who is a very good ortho (ortho for the Clt, NC NBA team).  I'm gonna contact him, soon (I have prior commitments that'll keep me from doing so for about 10 days).  He scoped my shoulder in '99 and did a WONDERFUL job.

Just checking to see if anyone else has ever had anything like this.  Anyone ever had somehting like this scoped?  How long before you could run, again, with no pain?

Thanks, in advance, for your repsonse(s).


2010-10-22 6:01 AM
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Subject: RE: Bone spur under knee cap?
My right knee has been a little sore the last 2 weeks. My husband told me I might have a bone spur. This is the knee that usally acts up when either I kick up the milage or speed.  I also wear a brace on this knee for when I ski because it gets sore when I ski hard.  I have never gone to the doc to get it checked out because after a few days and r.i.c.e its better.   

I know I should probably get it checked out..its good you did!

Are you any better with rest?  Goood Luck! 
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