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2005-08-04 9:03 AM

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Subject: Brigantine Tri Atlantic City
So here it comes ----> at warp factor 9, my 2nd Tri. On the road traveling right now.
Work (Pilot). In Montreal heading to Chicago in a few. Did my last workout last night.
Seems that alot of people are posting not workout too close to Tri date. Heading home
from work to Newark tomorrow night, picking up car at airport and heading to ACY.
Bike, car and clothes are all packed waiting at airport already. Starting to get pre-race
jitters already. Staying at Sheraton Convention Center Friday and Saturday night.
Saturday night plan to party it up.

I was in the Lake Lenape Tri last month and it felt great. I road an old borrowed Cannondale
and just days later went out and shelled out $900 for my new Trek 1500 54cm. Blue/
Charcoal. Rides on Rails! I love it.

So who's coming to this one?

Cya there.


2005-08-04 11:15 AM
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Subject: RE: Brigantine Tri Atlantic City

see you there!  I'm easy to spot, 6'3" , shaved head, and a t-shirt that reads "tp" on front and "Have you seen my balls" on the back.


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