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2011-02-22 9:34 AM

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Subject: best time for a massage?
I can only afford to get about 1 massage every 6 weeks or so - when is the optimal time in the training cycle to get one? i.e during a recover week? prior to a peak week?

Also is it better to spend the full massage time on legs or just go ahead and get a full body?

Bottom line is how do i get the most training benefit out of a massage when it's somewhat of a luxury expense?

2011-02-22 10:13 AM
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Subject: RE: best time for a massage?

I am in the medical field and In my opinion to get the most "bang for your buck" I would get it after a race for recovery is valuable other times also but if you only choose one time it would definately be afterwards.

In regards to a particular training week, my opinion would be just after a peak week, but this can be very variable.

Unless you have a particular injury that would benefit from extra attention, i would get a full body with emphasis on the low back and everything distal to the feet, but for obvious reasons the neck/shoulder etc should not be completely ignored unless you are getting multiple massages on different days and you want them to focus on different regions each session.

So, if you are limited,  definately after races and after harder weeks of training...just my opinion

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