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2011-08-30 3:04 PM
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2011-09-05 9:36 PM
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bctri21 - 2011-08-30 3:04 PM Doing some container gardening here in Las Vegas, and we are having success with carrots, squash, and onion.  The heat has been brutal this week and as a result my plants are suffering, but we have fixed that with some extra water and a bit of midday shade for the plants.  My daughter is super excited about it, so we may move away from box gardening and move toward a bigger garden  next spring.  If anyone has additional tips to growing in the absurd heat of the southwest, I would love to hear them.  Thanks.

We are quite a bit cooler up here, but I know what you mean.    Pick plants that like the heat - peppers really like it.     Mulch around the plants to hold in moisture.   I have seen some screening type shade structures above gardens.  

I am overrun with eggplant.   I have made ratatoulle, I have grilled one or two almost every day for the past few weeks.   I blanched and froze some today, and unloaded a bag on a neighbor.   All from three plants.

My tomatoes are just slow this year.   One plant has just started producing big ripe ones, and two of the cherry tomato plants are producing.   That leaves three plants still with green ones.  I hope we do not freeze early.

I have begun to pull out the morning glories.  they are pretty but if you let them go fully to seed, the whole garden will be full of them.    I planted them three years ago and keep trying to weed them out every spring, just to give up and "let a few grow" and then kaboom.   they are everywhere.

I am getting beets and carrots too.   My carrots are fuggly multi point kind - is that due to too many seeds or does one seed make that?
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