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2011-09-23 6:22 PM
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Seacoast, NH!
Subject: RE: Powerful photo

kmac1346 - 2011-09-23 5:16 PM That might be the most respectful internet forum exchange on a sensitive topic, ever. You both are to be commended. Blbriley, thank you for your service.

I second kmac here.  Thanks to the OP for sharing.  It's an important reminder of reality and how fragile life is.  Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my brother's best friends death, Navy SEAL Denis Miranda.  It's very real.

Blbriley, thank you for my freedom.  I believe you and all the other men and women play a part in that.  My family appreciates it, sincerely.

2011-09-23 8:44 PM
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Victoria, British Columbia
Subject: RE: Powerful photo
Tears and goosebumps!
2011-09-24 12:16 AM
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San Francisco
Subject: RE: Powerful photo
blbriley - 2011-09-22 8:51 AM

Having spent too much time over there, I will agree that it has little, if anything, to do with the average American's freedom.  But, I can tell you that having an Iraqi woman come up and thank you for escorting her daughter to school or having an Iraqi man thank you for guarding the polling place of nation's first free election in 60+ years is pretty special.  Will it bring this little boy's father back? No.  Will the little boy resent his father's sacrifice? Maybe.  Was the sacrifice a waste? Maybe.  All I can say is that there are people who are now enjoying freedoms they have never experienced in generations.  And this fact is how I calm my demons and try and find solace. 


blbriley - This is, by far, one of the BEST reasons/explanations/justifications I have heard.  Most of us live in a world where school, voting, fundamental rights are so taken for granted we can't imagine a world without them nor does it cross our mind that there are some who are not so fortunate. 

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