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2006-01-31 6:06 PM

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Subject: IronCamp Press Release

Rich Strauss (Crucible Fitness) and Patrick McCrann (Performance Training Systems), are proud to announce IronCamp (, a national series of Iron-distance training and race execution camps for self-coached athletes who want to become…better self-coached athletes.  With three 3-day camps to choose from, age group triathletes will have multiple chances to take their training—and racing—to the next level.

“The creation of a national camp series represents an exciting step forward for the growing number of athletes who participate in iron-distance races each year,” says Patrick McCrann, co-organizer of IronCamp. “By bringing together our two established coaching practices, Rich and I can offer athletes the age-group perspective and first-hand racing experience on almost every Ironman North America event. You can’t get that anywhere else.”

According Rich, "I've been coaching the Iron distance almost exclusively for over four years. I continue to be surprised at how much time and energy athletes put into their training but how little they invest in learning how to race the event. Your fitness is merely a vehicle you drive 140 miles across the finish line. We will show you how to build that vehicle and drive it on race day."
Patrick and Rich have coached over 400 athletes, one-on-one, to Ironman finishes all over the world. That's 400 permutations of every conceivable training, scheduling, and racing consideration you can possibly imagine. That's a zillion opportunities to learn what works, what doesn't AND to teach these concepts to athletes like YOU! Each IronCamp includes a four hour swim clinic with underwater video, an Evolution Running clinic, and several hours of discussion on a host of topics: IM training, IM racing, IM nutrition, Training and Racing with Power, Mental Skills, IM Bike Fit & Setup, etc.

We believe you have ample opportunities to trash yourself in your own backyard. Our intent is to overload you mentally, not physically, so we can maximize the learning opportunity. That said, the West Coast camp will feature scenic riding on nearly deserted roads in the San Gabriel Mountains. IronCamps East Coast and Mid West will feature coach-led rides of the LP and WI courses: ride with us and we'll show you exactly how we race these courses, inch by inch.

IronCamp West Coast, Glendora, CA, Feb 18-20.
IronCamp East Coast, Lake Placid, NY, June 9-11.
IronCamp Mid West, Madison, WI, early Aug


FuelBelt, Infinit Nutrition, Aquaman wetsuits, TrainingPeaks and Wheelbuilder will offer discounts, swag, quality product and demo Powertaps for IronCamp participants.  

$595, or $495 for early registration.
CF or PTS one-on-one coached athletes save 20%!
CF or PTS training plan athletes save 10%!

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Visit to learn more about the camps and to reserve your spot today.
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