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2003-11-11 6:54 PM

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Boston, MA
Subject: need a cheap bike to start me off
i'm 20 and have been really wanting to do a triathlon for a long time. I figure it might be a little hard to get that accomplished once next tri season rolls around so i was thinking of having Santa bring me a bike for christmas this year... but i'm pretty low on money, is there any such thing as a cheap triathlon/road bike?
What about finding a good used bike? is it worth searching for a tri-specific bike instead of a road bike? any suggestions for finding a pretty cheap one?? ($500 would probably be the max) but the less the better

2003-11-11 7:18 PM
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New Port Richey
Subject: RE: need a cheap bike to start me off
If you go to your local bike store, they might have a decent used road bike to buy. A couple of years ago I bought a one year old Trek that cost $750 when it was new for $400. A used road bike with aero bars would be suffecient for the first couple of years as you're getting your feet wet.
2003-11-12 3:46 PM
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Walla Walla, WA
Subject: RE: need a cheap bike to start me off
I'd agree with kevin; look for something used. For less than $500 your options for a new bike are very limited. Just make sure you get a bike that fits you well. Even if it looks dorky, or weighs a ton (well...within reason), you'll benifit more from having a bike that fits. My first bike was totally old school and beat up, but the important part was that I could train consistantly on it without injury. Almost any bike shop will help you get properly fitted if you ask them. Good luck!
2003-11-13 6:00 AM
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Atlanta, GA
Subject: If you seek you shall find
I can relate, i just went through a similar search. First, you can find a good bike for that amount of money. Second, be patient, but check every day, the bike i got had only been posted for two days. Third, post your needs in tri websites such as this one. Fourth, check the websites of local tri clubs, they might have classifieds. I got my bike there an older 52cm qr kilo with everything for $400.00 at the local tri club classifieds. Finally, also check local newspaper classifieds and ebay. I got my wife's bike at ebay, a brand new 50cm 2004 motobecane with tiagra components for around the same as your budget. Here are some websites where I also found listings in:

Good luck, happy hunting !
2003-11-13 6:15 AM
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Gulfport, MS
Subject: RE: need a cheap bike to start me off
I bought a 2003 Trek 1000c brand new for $650 a couple of months ago. It has the comfort features which I really like (especially the seat). I bought it at our local bike shop and had it fitted for me. I even received my 1st "check-up" for free. If you look, you should be able to find something that will work within your budget!
Good luck!
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