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2012-01-22 8:33 PM

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Subject: Treadmill
As much as I hate the treadmill, sometimes it has to be done.  How do you log your treadmill running on this site?  I am not the best at finding stuff (male thing), but I don't see it on any of the drop down menu's.  I want to keep it separate from tracking my outdoor running.

2012-01-22 8:56 PM
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Payson, AZ
Subject: RE: Treadmill
Log your run as a run, treadmill or not.  Then if you want to track treadmill miles separate make the treadmill a piece of equipment and add it to your run
2012-01-22 9:03 PM
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Media, PA
Subject: RE: Treadmill

I haven't separated the two in the past, and in the "off" season, I'm not logging anything on BT, since I'm not on a plan.

But, looking at the actuals section, if I wanted to break out treadmill running, I'd probably make the treadmill part of my equipment.  Then pick the treadmill as part of the equipment when logging a 'mill run.  So it would count 1:1 as running, but you'd be able to see how much was on the treadmill.

And, if I was going to count treadmill running 1:1, I'd probably also set it at 1% incline, minimum, to keep it somewhat realistic.

There's also a sports section towards the bottom, you could log it that way, though it wouldn't count at all towards your run totals.

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