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2012-03-19 6:16 PM


Subject: Where to swim in HK?

I am somewhat regular visitor to HK and have yet to find somewhere suitable to swim (i.e. a pool with lane divisions).  

Does anyone know of any public pools which I could use or perhaps private pools which I could gain paid access to?  Appreciate any suggestions?  

I did manage to find some suggestions on the website of HK Dragons Tri Club and have reached out. 


2012-03-19 8:59 PM
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, North Island
Subject: RE: Where to swim in HK?

Hi Jay. A great website to use is: http://www.swimmersguide.com/

I just checked. They have a long list of pools listed for Hong Kong. Choose China from the countries list, Hong Kong from the provinces list, and then choose an area in Hong Kong to find the pools.


2012-03-21 3:08 AM
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Subject: RE: Where to swim in HK?

I am a student at HKU so I have free access to the University 50m outdoors swimming pool at Stanley Ho which has 4 lanes marked off. Then there is another University 25m outdoors pool on Pokfulam Road (reopens in April). You could just ask at the reception if you can use it and how much they charge you.

Otherwise there is plenty of very modern 50m indoor pools built by the government all around HK. Entrance is 19HKD, you pay by coins or Octopus card. However there is usually only one marked lane for continuous swimming, and this one is ALWAYS abused by folks doing all sorts of things, pretty much progressing at around 4:00/100m, no kidding! The public pools tend to be extremely overcrowded during morning and day time, but if you go in the evening, from 8.30pm till 10pm when it closes it tends to empty out and you can even get your own (unmarked) lane. This is at least my experience from using the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Swimming Pool near Sheung Wan.

I think this link would be very helpful, it lists all public pools: http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/beach/en/swim-location-hk.php

Let me know if you have any other questionsMax

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