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2012-07-12 9:27 AM

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Subject: Vision Metron shifter problems?

Grrr... I upgraded the bar end shifters on my Felt B16 when I bought it to the Vision Metron shifters. On the day I got my bike back the front derailleur shifter broke (mechanically frozen, would not shift to the outer chain ring at all even though the cable etc are intact) after only 3 attempts at shifting ever (no load on the drive chain, I was just testing the shifting out while it was on my trainer). Of course I was home when it broke and had to drive all the way back to the LBS to take a look at them. Shifters went back to the factory for warranty replacement and I chalked it up to bad luck.

This morning, 3 days before Lake Stevens HIM, the same thing just happened. Front derailleur breaks, seems to be the exact same issue. Mechanically frozen. Luckily I still have the original shifters and hopefully my LBS will replace them this morning. They look great, and when working I quite like the shifting mechanism, but I now have massive concerns over the design of this shifter and doubt I'll keep them, unless Vision has implemented some sort of fix over the last 8 months or so. Anyone else have issues with these failing?


2012-10-11 3:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Vision Metron shifter problems?

I saw your post from doing a search for 'Vision Metron shifter breakage' because this has happened to me. I recently bought a Felt B12 2012 and had the front shifter break twice in less than a month, each time the shifter freezes. The first time it had to be sent back to Metron to get replaced under warranty, but this time I've asked the LBS to replace them with the normal lever shifter because the Metron ones are too unreliable.

I'm wondering how common this issue is, even though my LBS says I'm the only one they've seen with problems with the shifters.

I think they look nice and fancy but are rather impractical. I find they become difficult to use when you become sweaty and fatigued. I now understand why they're not used on the higher-end bikes.

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2013-07-22 5:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Vision Metron shifter problems?
I have a 2012 Felt DAW4 and experienced shifting problems within 4 months. The shifter housing becomes loose very quickly and constantly needs tightening. When I first brought the bike in for repair, the mechanic cited 'user error' however now they realize that it is a common problem. My bike shop is trying to get Felt to pay for Dura Ace replacement. I also sent a letter to Felt. The Vision website does not offer any information on how to maintain their product. While it was fun to use, the Vision shifters do not work. They failed me in the middle of a half IM race.
2013-07-23 12:14 PM
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Subject: RE: Vision Metron shifter problems?
I have had my B12 for over a year and have put about 3500 miles on it. I have had no issues whatsoever with the Metron shifters.
2013-08-15 8:30 PM
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Subject: RE: Vision Metron shifter problems?
It is a common problem per my bike shop. I have the same Felt DA4W 2012. I wrote to Felt and no response. Bike shop where I bought the Felt also tried to contact them and they told me it was such a widespread problem they would replace with Dura Ace shifters for free. I recommend you do the same. It was hopeless in my eyes. Bad product. Cool when it's working but lots of problems.
2013-08-16 12:06 PM
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Subject: RE: Vision Metron shifter problems?
This is a bummer I was thinking about picking up a 2013 Felt B12 with these shifters.

More feedback please!!!

But then I think, should I just hook up a Felt B16 or Cervelo P2?

Then, if you are spending that much for a B12 ... why not just bump up to a P3 Ultegra?

2013-08-16 5:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Vision Metron shifter problems?
They're not that bad at all... you can definitely get them to be set up correctly and work fine.
2019-11-11 12:03 PM
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Subject: RE: Vision Metron shifter problems?
Yep! Very frustrating. Especially because I LOVE the set-up.

I bought a (used) 2012 Felt B12 with Vision Metron Shifters about 3 years ago.

Personally, I think the Vision Metron shifters feel much more comfortable and convenient vs. "traditional" shifters...perhaps because that's all I ever knew since I was a newbie a few years ago and this is my first tri bike. But it feels like a poor man's version of electric shifters almost, because you push a button or pull a finger without having to move your hands much at all.

That said, I quickly noticed that both shifters seemed to stick and/or skip at times. Not all the time, but often enough that it's frustrating. Sometimes it would take 2-3 attempts to go from the small to big cog. I've had the bike serviced at the LBS multiple times to see if they could get 'em dialed in, and it did seem to get slightly better.

In fact, I liked the setup so much that even opted to swap them out with the "traditional" shifters, when I bought another bike (Cervelo P3... where the shifting felt so much more sturdy and consistently reliable, but were also incredibly uncomfortable feeling... felt like I had to hook my arms around and my elbows came off the pads which felt less safe). That may have been a mistake.

The LBS suggested it may be close to completely failing when I did that and was having problems. They weren't much help in addressing the lagging/skipping. I had another bike mechanic take a look at it and he got it really dialed in right before IMMD. It only lagged in a few middle gears occasionally.

BUT...the rear shifter just froze completely solid while I was on the bike trainer the other night. And then the housing popped off without much force, which is a new thing that I've never seen happen before.

Very odd.

Regardless, guess that why they don't make these shifters any more!!!
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