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2012-07-18 8:39 AM

Ottawa, ON
Subject: Soleus pain while running

I am experiencing some discomfort while running. At first I thought that it was just normal as I am ramping up my training. However even after 2-3 days of rest, it will come back. This little annoying discomfort occurs every time my right foot land. It will not stop me from running and I usually just keep going and try to forget about it. This issue came almost day one but I neglected to see what what wrong with it.

Yesterday I had my best run so far trying to push the pace a little. After the run, my right soleus muscle was screaming at me. I iced it and put on some compress sleeves for the night. This morning, it is somehow back to normal and no pain to it but I can feel that the muscle is very tense. I was able to get some Active Release Treatment last Saturday after my run to loosen up the muscle but seems like it is back to where it is.

I did some “google” and I believe that it might be cause by me not having the right support. I am currently using an old pair of Asics running shoes which I bought about 3 years ago. They are still pretty new as I mainly used them to play volleyball. (I don’t wear running shoes daily – more like a dress shoes, casual and sandals type of guy)

I am going to the US for a family vacation in about 1 week or so and planning to buy 1 or 2 pair of running shoes while I am there at a running store. At the meantime:

  1. Should I keep up with my running if I can brush away the discomfort as I am ‘used’ to it?
  2. Other than icing it, elevated leg and compression; any other thing I should be doing?
  3. I read that if I keep going, I might damage my muscle or create further issue. (e.i. stress fracture, ..) Anyone had similar issue that can share their experience on how to prevent it to get worse?
  4. I don’t stress prior of my run but only after the run.  Can that be one of the reasons why I am having this issue beside the supporting issue?



2012-07-18 8:49 AM
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San Antone, Texas
Subject: RE: Soleus pain while running
When I had pain in the soleus area, I used a foam roller and it helped quite  a bit.  Go get yourself one and start the self massage!
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