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2004-06-19 1:57 PM

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New Jersey
Subject: Nausea after swimming
This past week, I went to the pool twice and both times I had to cut my workout short because I started getting nauseous and dizzy, like sea sickness. Anyone else experience this?

Alot of variables changed so I'm not sure what to blame this on:
Picked up running miles last 3 weeks
Went on a camping trip last weekend (really tired from it)
Weather's been really humid
Did I swallow some water?
Goggles too tight?

2004-06-21 2:54 PM
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Smyrna, Georgia
Subject: RE: Nausea after swimming
I wonder if you were actually overheating. Those sound like symptoms of overheating. Maybe the increased exercise has left you more susceptible to it.

Try hydrating more and get some rest if you need it.

I hope you feel better.
2004-06-21 3:46 PM
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Subject: RE: Nausea after swimming
Hi there,
This happens to me too pretty regularly, and I'm fairly new at lap swimming. I just figured that the nausea was due to swallowing a bit of the chlorinated water, and the same the happens to me when I swim in salt water, but yet I never feel queasy after swimming in fresh water. I always get a little dizzy when I'm done with my swim too (not so much during), and I chalk that up to the different manner of breathing that I'm still getting used to. Those aren't scientific answers, but I can definitely relate to what you're feeling!
2004-06-21 8:26 PM
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Subject: RE: Nausea after swimming
one suggestion...I tend to get a little nauseated when I'm not drinking enough water...and that's pretty easy to forget when you're swimming because you don't feel like you're gonna' die in quite the same way you do when you're running. Maybe a water bottle at the end of the lane an a good drag or two after each 100...? That's what I started doing and it seems to help...
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