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2012-08-14 12:45 AM

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Lipa City
Subject: smoking, redwine and barefoot running

Hi, I'm Morten here from the Philippines. I'm Danish by birth but after being away from Denmark more than 60% of my life I have no idea what the hell I am anymore. a citizen of the world i suppose. 

I love swimming, running and biking so have now decided to combine the three and get ready for my first 70.3

I run barefoot (yep, you heard it) which is great and enjoy it, having now done it for around 6 months. improves form, back, calves hard as steel obviously and cuts down your cost on those $ 150 shoes as well. For those out there who hasnt gone minimalist yet - check it out but start sloooow or blisters are sure to come.

Now, I'm 39 and I smoke (around 6-8/day) and have done so for 25 years. hard to stop. down from 1 pack or more a day since i started running longer distances and feels it helps. Busy and stressful business to run during the day etc etc. I know its not an excuse but still...

 Just got a full check up and body and heart is strong as a horse.

I know that smoking is bad for you and probably a stupid forum here to discuss this but I assume I'm not the only guy who likes a cigarette out there.

It doesnt really slow me down and I enjoy having a smoke an hour after a run or bike run. Then I sit and sweat it off while I puff. Sorry but for me its a good combination and is sort of my 'reward' if you can say.

I also like a glass of redwine with my meal (another reward) as it helps me sleep.

I'm obviously not a top athlete but can do fairly good distances and have just started looking seriously at triathlon.

I am not going to stop smoking, I have realized that already but reducing it and staying fit is important.

I love my running, swimming, biking but I also love my cigarettes and red wine.... is there still hope for me in the triathlon world?...


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2012-08-14 2:45 PM
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Melon Presser
Subject: RE: smoking, redwine and barefoot running

Hi Morten, welcome to BT and to triathlon in our "little" corner of the world!

Another world citizen here but I am from Indonesia as much as I'm from anywhere.

Well, I don't smoke anymore (ironically, I quit when I moved back to Bali, where EVERYBODY and I mean EVERYBODY smokes--yes, including a lot of our athletes! It always makes me laugh after a sports event here where people are sitting around still in their gear and smoking ... ). Sure, it's bad for you in all sorts of ways that no health or fitness test can pick up, but you'll figure out for yourself if it's something you want or need to change in your life.

Red wine, on the other hand, is quite good for you. Enjoy!

2012-08-15 8:05 PM
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Lipa City
Subject: RE: smoking, redwine and barefoot running

Hi Yanti,

thanks for welcoming me. Yes, smoking is no good and of course I am aware of that. yes, funny to see athletes light up after a workout but am pleased to hear its possible.

Been to Bali 6 times since my brother worked in Jakarta for 13 years. great place and always enjoy it there.

I remember trying the Bali wine last time...hmmm, hope it has improved a bit since then Cool

Isnt it hot to bike there? we are 350m over sea level here and a bit cooler than Manila. do you stop to hydrate or drink while biking? i find that i start sweating like crazy once I stop so try to drink while biking to keep the air cooling off.


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