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2012-08-27 8:25 PM


Subject: anterior (front) shoulder pain

Has anyone else gotten shoulder pain in the front from swimming too much?

I think it might just be tendinitis and I think I'm going to ice it and rest a couple weeks from swimming.

Does anyone know how to adjust the stroke to avoid this from happening again?

2012-08-28 9:24 AM
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Subject: RE: anterior (front) shoulder pain

Possibly supraspinatus tendinitis, but more likely it's supraspinatus impingement syndrome or subacromial impingement syndrome (same thing).

Best thing to do is to avoid anything that bothers it until you stop having any pain, then add some shoulder strengthening (nothing overhead and no upright rows) to your training. You can use ice as it is an inflammatory disorder.

I would lay off of any swimming that bothers it until it's better. It can turn into a very nagging chronic injury and eventually a rotator cuff tear if aggravated enough.

As far as adjusting your stroke, maybe reduce your reach distance, lower height during recovery phase, and avoid crossing over during the pull. Also, try to reduce the amount of shoulder internal rotation you are getting during the catch/high elbow portion.

2012-11-12 12:38 AM
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Huntington Beach
Subject: RE: anterior (front) shoulder pain

Shoulder pain from improper swimming form is not too uncommon but you should find out what muscle or structure is the one being inflamed before you can fix it up.


Hope this video can help

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