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2012-10-15 4:18 PM


Subject: Fit2Race (F2R) FULL SLEEVE WETSUIT - $
I signed up with Team in Training to participate in the Nautica NYC Triathlon. During training I tore the Menicus of the right knee. So I had to have surgery and I had to drop out of Training. So I have a ladies short, large wetsuit for sale FOR $160. CONTACT ME AT 

Size SS 190 - 220 5'-3" - 5'-9"

Product Description
For the past 6+ years, Fit2Race has been the main supplier of wetsuits and apparel to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® Team In Training® chapters nationwide. F2R realizes that athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and that most of the triathlon wetsuits out there are designed to fit only about 60% of the population. This makes it easier for wetsuit companies to sell more product without having to have a wide variety of sizes. F2R has designed The Sockeye full sleeve triathlong wetsuit in 17 sizes which pretty much guarantees a perfect fit no mater what type of body size and shape you have!

F2R Sockeye Full Sleeve Wetsuit

These are pictures of the same suit I found online. My wetsuit actually says Team In Training on the front.

The F2R Sockeye triathlon wetsuit is built with 5mm rubber thickness in the front chest and legs, 3mm in the back shoulders and 2mm in the arms and under arm gussets. Capitalizing on the aquatic qualities of rubber, the forearm catch panel blends 5mm rubber into its design. Glide, catch and lift yourself into potentially the fastest suit ever made. Escape transitions in effortless motion with F2R's flexible inner jersey.

Blind-stitching and glued seams.
Inner jersey is a blend of nylon and polyester.
The weave is chosen for its unique quality of flexibility and friction-free movement making it the fastest wetsuit to remove out of the water. 


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