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2012-10-22 2:27 PM


Subject: Very sore leg - where to start

Hi all, I'm looking for some professional guidance here about a very sore leg that I've been nursing all season long.

A bit of background...I'm a bit older (late 50's) and have been running for about 4 years now.  I have one leg that is longer than the other (the right leg is longer by 5/8").  And its the right leg that I'm having problems with.

For much of this season, I was complaining to my wife about my Achilles in my right leg being so tight, but stretching would help loosen it up and off I'd go for a run.  Then that'd go away for a few weeks and it'll be my hamstring that's very tight and sore.

About 3 weeks ago, my wife and I were out for a walk downtown - about 2-3 miles, and suddenly my right knee began throbbing and became extremely sore.  Since then, it would pretty much subside, but never quite go away.

Yesterday I did an easy 5K, and despite lots of prior stretching in advance, the first 200-300 feet were excruciating, and I could hardly walk after it was over.

The thing that's confusing me is that the pain isn't consistently in one area, it moves around...everything from my lower back to the bottom of my foot, and anything in between, especially on my right side.  

I could really use some suggestions on how to begin the process of elimination of potential causes.  This is really frustrating me.



2012-10-22 2:32 PM
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Subject: RE: Very sore leg - where to start

The red flag for me is that you have had this all season.

I would go to an orthopedic surgeon and get a proper diagnosis.

Once you have that they can recommend treatment or suggest a therapist to attack the problem. You need to get to the root of the problem. See if you can find a running specialist in your area.

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