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2012-10-23 10:37 AM

New York, Connecticut
Subject: Rowing workout

Winter training.


I am mixing up my training for winter maintenance. Doing more rowing. Any good workouts on the rowing machine???

2012-10-23 6:09 PM
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Norristown, PA
Subject: RE: Rowing workout
If you go to the Concept 2 rowing machine website they have a section full of workouts to help you mix it up & keep things interesting.
2012-10-23 6:23 PM
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2012-10-23 7:16 PM
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Bedford, MA
Subject: RE: Rowing workout

Ispent way too many long winters staring at myself in a mirror in a room full of erg machines. That being said, rowing is a great full body workout. In college we would generally do intervals of 1000-6000 meters, with 'long' workouts being 3-4x 5000 meters. I even erged a 3:10 marathon with a few college teammates one day - what fun!

I'd start off with some easier sets of 500-1000 meters hard/easy. One thing you have to watch on a rowing machine is your form. Most people have horrible form on the erg and waste a lot of energy.

The hardcore workout for a oarsman is doing a 2k test. Just be ready with a trashcan next to you - if you don't use it you didn't go hard enough!

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