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2012-10-30 11:02 AM

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Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Subject: When Nutrition is Just An Infomercial
I was visiting a parishioner during physical therapy recently. The way the therapist gave direction, reminded me of my few days at the gym many years ago. So I asked if she did personal training. Why yes, actually. She asked what I am interested in, and my goals. After a minute or two of discussion, she asked if I am open to nutritional answers. Well of course, I know that changing my weight and makeup is 90% diet.

So here comes the business card for isagenix. Now a good friend of mine recently got involved and had her own weight loss and feels great, and tried to get me to come to a pitch meeting. I didn't. Now here's a health professional that is so fully into it, it's her first go-to to refer someone who is asking about training.

I checked out the website from her card. I already have a major bias against MLM for many reasons. But it didn't help that the video I was directed to when asking about my health was about 95% how rich and successful I can become, and 5% about the actual benefits of the product. But even so, a little voice in me says "oh just do it for two months to you know, KICK START things." I know this is nonsense intellectually, but the emotional hook is strong.

If there is some legitimate reason for me to consider this, I would consider it, but all I get is an infomercial. How about I just go to what I know works? Chicken breast rice and broccoli.

If I'm missing something, I am open to hearing otherwise. But you have to disclose whether you are a salesperson for the product. I'll still listen, but I want bias on the table.

2012-10-30 4:52 PM
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Maui, Hawaii
Subject: RE: When Nutrition is Just An Infomercial

There is no "magic pill" yet we are always tempted, because it sounds so good, so easy.  "I'll just do it this once."  Well, likely 99.9% of the time it's just good, hard-earned money out the window.

Need a kick start?  Challenge yourself to Just. Eat. Real. Food.  Rather than go the shake, supplement, program route, why not challenge yourself to stay away from processed food for a month?  Invest the $$ you would on this product in some special, extra good quality olive oil, or some grass-fed beef or pork.

Just say no.

2012-10-31 11:13 AM
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Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: When Nutrition is Just An Infomercial
I have a friend that does isagenix.  I am also not a fan of MLM.

I also don't like how supplement heavy it is rather than just having real food.  Some of the stuff they push like the "cleanses" and fat burners, pre-packaged shakes, bars, vitamins bla bla bla........

You want to kick start your health?  Cut your intake to approximately your base metabolic rate, drink LOADS of water, get lots of protein for recovery for the beating you give your muscles, and drink real, whole foods.  I like chicken breasts, milk, lots and lots of vegetables.

Protein shakes I will throw a scoop of protein whey into a blender with frozen strawberries ( cheaper in large bags than fresh, and makes a better smoothie ) banana, milk.

Increase intake as needed depending on how hard you're working out, but when I'm in off season fat loss mode, I tend to take in my BMR and at MAX 50% of the calories I burn through exercise.

I lost 50 pounds in 7 months and could have done better.

Heavily processed overpriced pre-packaged nutrition isn't going to do the job any better, nor will it make you rich.  It WILL however send the message that you're willing to spend the money on the product and will make it harder to stop using it once the pressure is on.

Save your cash, eat whole, real simple foods, eat for what your food has in it, not for what it doesn't have ( drink a milk because of the nutrients, not a diet coke for the lack of sugar ) and control intake.  THAT is how you will kick start your nutrition, not be buying into a mlm scheme that also does nutrition.

( Successful MLM people are VERY dedicated, so the success stories you see with it I am VERY confident could be achieved with normal nutrition as well )
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