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2012-10-30 6:13 PM

Subject: Polar RCX5 Advice

Hi everyone, I come here with a question it might be a “not so bright” question but better than not to ask…

Im getting ready to buy a HR Monitor, I have been looking around and I feel Polar RCX5 is the best option for me (I love the fact that the GPS is apart from the watch and you have months of battery life).

I don’t want to spend a whole lot and I want something to begin training with Hearth rate and keep track of my work outs. So the 300 bundle with stride sensor (I do lots of indoor running J) seems great for me and I can buy the GPS in a couple of weeks.

I found a store to buy the RCX5 (and I know there are many different bundles for different prices), but there are two models with very different prices RCX5 SD (includes the stride sensor) and RCX5 GPS, the GPS one is the more expensive but even the pictures of the watch are a bit different, does anyone know if the “SD” model is something more basic or does it just stand for stride D…something?

Thank you as always! And sorry for the stupid question but i dont want to buy a cheaper model just to save a few dollars.

2012-11-03 3:50 AM
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Subject: RE: Polar RCX5 Advice

There is only one RCX5 model, and all the various gadgets: GPS, stride, speed senson, cadence sensor.

They make quite a good package and Heart Rate Monitors USA do a good deal (use cm8 to get another 8% off).


The stride sensor overrides the GPS, whih takes some getting used to.  Read DC Rainmaker's reviews.

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