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Subject: RE: Home brew beer
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Lets talk about sediment...  Is it a problem?  One of my friends used to make beer on a regular occasion, and always had sediment/sludge at the bottom of bottles.  Is that the norm and you just be careful with your pours?

It's one of the reasons you never drink out of the homebrew bottle...it stirs up the sediment...always pour.

You can minimize sediment as you transfer and bottle, but you will never get rid of it entirely....

What is the sediment? I really like bottles and want to use them.

Unless you filter, yeast is going to settle on the bottom.  If you pour it into a glass, you can leave most of it in the bottle.  But if you drink from the bottle, the act of tipping it back and forth to drink stirs it back up.  So one pour into a glass is the way we (my friend and I) would drink it to avoid drinking yeast/sludge/sediment.

It's not as big a problem with wine only because you let it settle and rack it (change carboys) over 3-6 months until it's all settled out and removed before bottling.  You NEED it out for wine because unless you want a sparkling wine, residual yeast (if it's alive) will carbonate it.  But that's EXACTLY what you want in beer, residual yeast to carbonate naturally.

Can you taste/feel it when you dink it?


Drinking the sludge at the bottle of a homebrew bottle makes me bloated like crazy, and it comes out the next day in the least pleasant way possible.  (read:  excessive flatulence)

Building a kegerator and investing in CO2 and corny kegs was the best thing I ever did in regards to homebrewing.  But I haven't made any beer in over a year.

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