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2013-03-14 6:49 PM

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Subject: READ BEFORE POSTING: Classifieds Forum Guidelines

*In order to post items for sale, you must be a member of for a minimum of 30 days.


Our classifieds are now integrated with our gear reviews and user training logs.  
--> As a BUYER, that means when viewing a listing, you get links to gear reviews if there are any.  
--> As a SELLER your equipment will be listed not only here, but in the gear reviews AND training logs equipment listing if users are looking at gear reviews that you are selling your products too = more exposure!!!


1 - Click on the 'Sell Gear' button.  This will take you through our Gear Wizard to link your product to gear reviews and training log equipment listing.
2 - ONCE YOUR PRODUCT IS SOLD, go back to your post and you now have a 'Mark as Sold' link to close the thread down.


Yes you can.  As you go through the gear wizard, use it on the most expensive item so your post is linked to reviews and training log equipment tags - if any.  Modify the subject line as needed.


  1. BeginnerTriathlete LLC is not a party in any transaction initiated or listed on this forum. We're a disinterested third party that just provides a bulletin board for listing of items available for sale. Our involvement ends there.
  2. We do not take any responsibility for anything posted or sold through this forum.
  3. You assume all risk associated with any buying or selling of items listed here.


  1. No links to outside sales or auctions.
    List it here, sell it here.

  2. In order to post items for sale, you must be a member of for a minimum of 30 days.

  3. Commercial Users, please post HERE. All posts in this forum must comply with our Commercial User Policy.
    This forum is here to help our members sell their used stuff to each other. It is not here to provide a marketplace for merchants, be they white, black or grey market. If you bought it to sell it, this isn't the place. 

  4. Thread titles may not make use of non-alphanumeric characters in place of alphanumeric characters. eg. L@@K!!.
    Don't try to turn your thread title into something "eye catching". This annoys the admins to no end. Don't do it.

  5. Threads may not be bumped more than 3 times and may not be bumped at all once they are 30 days old. Also, no listing the same item multiple times.  If it doesn't go in the first 30 days you can create a new thread. If you create a new thread within 30 days ALL threads for the item(s) will be deleted.
  6. No Thread Spoiling. All posts should be either listing an item, making an offer, or asking a question about the advertised item. 
    Exception: There is something of a tradition on BT of politely pointing out when a seller may be asking a significantly higher price than the market may warrant. This has been done both to inform and protect potentially unaware sellers and buyers. It's the nature of the site. We're nice people. There may also be concerns about potentially unsafe articles being offered for sale, such as used helmets. In both of these instances, should you want to post something, tact and discretion are your friends.

  7. No stepping on/poaching other people's threads ie. Posting in an existing thread that you have a similar item for sale.
    This shows bad faith and will be treated as intentionally interfering with the peaceful operation of the site. Your post will be deleted and at the least you'll be banned from the forums, if not the entire site. Start a new thread if you want to sell something.

  8. No posting warnings about sellers. 
    This is in line with our general forum policies. All concerns regarding other members should be brought to the attention of a moderator or administrator. Do not attempt to act as a moderator. You could very well end up with a forum time-out.

  9. Bib transfer transactions are allowed but only if they conform with the rules of the event. 
    In order to sell a bib here, the race must allow bib transfers. Also, all bibs must be sold for no more than the original cost eg. no scalping.  Listing a non-transferable bib for sale will result in a permanent ban.

  10. Charity/raffle/fundraiser type posts are allowed only with prior approval from an administrator.
    Again, this is in line with our general forum policies. We have a LOT of members who are using their involvement in endurance sports to raise funds for all sorts of worthy causes. We support this. We've done it ourselves. However, due to the large numbers of people who do this sort of fundraising, the forums could easily get overrun with this type of post. We suggest you put a link to your fundraising page in your signature. 

This isn't a heavily moderated forum, relative to the rest of the site. If you see a post that violates these guidelines, please inform a moderator or administrator.

If a post is found to be in violation of these guidelines in letter or spirit, it will be removed. We probably won't give any kind of notice or engage the poster regarding the removal. Most likely we'll simply delete the thread and move on with our day. We really don't want to spend that much time on this.

These guidelines do not supplant our Restrictions and Terms of Use, nor our Guidelines for a Healthy Discussion.

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General Discussion Classifieds - New and Used Triathlon Gear » READ BEFORE POSTING: Classifieds Forum Guidelines Rss Feed