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2013-04-29 2:26 PM

Subject: Train Smarter?

I’v always just gone out running, riding, or swimming.  I have intervals, or distance in mind with end result time goals… aka 3 miles in 27 minutes for a run, or 15 mines in 45 minutes on the bike.. etc.  Once I met the goal, I changed it...   I have never really worried about HOW I got there.  I assumed it was just difficult….

Now with 3 kids and less and less time, I’m wondering, should I be training smarter?  Would there be much gain from heart rate training, or swim sets?  Would the sessions be more “productive”?  I feel like the obvious answer is yes… but curious if anyone else trains without the benefit of science, and just goes by feel?

ANy suggestions?  Iv been out of it for about 2 years now.  Basically starting from scratch.

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