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2013-05-20 11:33 AM

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Subject: Strength Training Exercises
I'm faily new to using BT as my training source. I remember seeing explanations and pictures of the different exercises somewhere before the site migration. Where can I find them now?

2013-06-08 9:03 AM
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Subject: RE: Strength Training Exercises
Here is the link to all of the strength training articles. I believe the exercise descriptions are in the articles section, and there were about 2 or 3 that included exercise descriptions.
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Most of the races are flat here, but I live in the area where I could do hilly rides with 1500-2000m of climbing. Is there much benefit with that if I am racing flat?
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A quick and easy 20 minute at home strength training workout. This is a freeweight workout, so only a few dumbbells are needed.
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This part of the program focuses on utilizing the bike for cardiovascular exercise and moderate strength training for low-impact training-especially good for starting out and/or having weight to lose.