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2013-06-04 1:00 PM

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Indianapolis, Indiana
Subject: Fuji D6 3.0
Does anyone have any experience with this bike? I'm looking to convert from a road bike to a tri bike in the near future, and I have the opportunity to pick one of these up for a pretty decent price. Is this a super aggressive bike? I've heard that if you don't have a monster reach, then it can become a problem? Anybody have any personal experience with its fit?

2013-06-04 1:40 PM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: Fuji D6 3.0
It's a good bike but as always fit is highly individual. Highly reconditioned getting a fit FIRST and then start looking for bikes
2013-06-04 1:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Fuji D6 3.0
I have the D6 2.0 and I think its a very solid bike. I do have a relatively longer torso and I have the seat as far forward as I can go. I have to agree with the above, I would get a fit before purchasing a bike.
2013-06-04 5:26 PM
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Aalborg, Denmark
Subject: RE: Fuji D6 3.0
I actually ride a Fuji D6 3.0 but am hesitant of advising too much as it's my first and only tri bike; not much to compare with. I do love it though, I seriously love it. It's everything I hoped a triathlon bike would be.

I'm very tall and skinny and haven't had any issues with pain or the likes.
2013-06-04 6:18 PM
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Extreme Veteran
Subject: RE: Fuji D6 3.0
If it fits you, it's an excellent bike. If not, it's flat out wrong. Sorry, but that's the cakes. For me, as beautiful as I think the Cannondale Slice is, it's absolutely wrong for me. Sad, but true. Fit is EVERYTHING in tri bikes.
2013-06-05 2:33 PM
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nashville, Tennessee
Subject: RE: Fuji D6 3.0
I've had the D6 2.0 from 2011 for a couple of years and I think its a great bike. I have a relatively short torso and longer legs and it works fine for me.

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