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2013-06-07 7:50 PM

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Keller, Texas
Subject: BT 20-week marathon plan

Has anyone ever used the BT 20-week marathon plan?

I am about to start training for a late fall race and am looking at different plans. The advantage of the BT plan is that it is a part of my daily log, and that is a big plus.  But my concerns are 1) volume looks a little low based on my pace (10:45mm) and 2) most plans are by miles, this is my time.

Any opinions?

2013-06-07 9:19 PM
in reply to: dodgersmom

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Subject: RE: BT 20-week marathon plan

I can't comment on the volume aspect, but I used time/pace based training almost exclusively until I did my first marathon.  I actually prefer it, because it cuts down the "I have a half mile left, let me just blast through it and be done" syndrome I get at the end of longer runs.  45 minutes in zone 2 means 45 minutes in zone 2, period.  Whereas an "easy" 5 mile run becomes an easy 3.5 mile run followed by 1.5 miles of ever increasing pace until I'm done, at least for me. 

I switched back to time based training for the sprint tri I did last month after doing Higdon's Novice 2 plan for my marathon.  That said, I'm going back to distance based training for the Dopey Challenge, which I'll start next week.  

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