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2013-06-17 2:54 PM

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Subject: New to Triathlon. Injured, but motivated
Hi all! My name is Adam and I am from Southern California. I was recently bitten by the triathlon bug after a shoulder surgery to correct a torn labrum (being laid up without the ability to perform the simplest of tasks really had me climbing the walls). I began reading a lot about nutrition and training, and started out slowly (walking and eating a more healthy diet). Fast forward a few months and I have worked up slowly to about 15 hours a week of training in preparation for my first triathlons this summer. Also, I am working up to the Ironman Los Cabos next March. I'm very excited about this, and I am loving every minute of training.

Unfortunately this past weekend I was hit by a car while cycling, and I have some very significant knee pain, which has put a halt to my training completely. I am counting my blessings because I was very lucky it wasn't worse, and I can take this as a learning experience to keep a more cautious eye out for uncertain drivers. I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday to find out the extent of the injury, but in the meantime I am going back to reading and getting involved in these forums. I look forward to absorbing all the knowledge you all have on this site, and to getting to know you all better. Thanks!

2013-06-17 6:08 PM
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Lenexa, KS
Subject: RE: New to Triathlon. Injured, but motivated
Welcome to the forums. First off, your transition into triathlon training at 15 hours a week in a few months is a major feat itself so kudos to you for that.

Really sorry to hear about the car incident, but I'm glad it wasn't worse. I'll be interested to see what the news from the doctor is on that. Whatever the outcome I'd say keep in mind that endurance sports are a long-term endeavor. If you develop a lasting passion for the sport it can help you relax through anything (injury, sickness, peak physical condition, etc.) and ultimately lead to what I think is a more fulfilling journey.
2013-06-17 9:30 PM
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Subject: RE: New to Triathlon. Injured, but motivated
Welcome! I've been bitten by the same bug. Hope your injuries don't require a lot of time to heal. Stay plugged into this site and you'll get a LOT of useful info.

2013-06-19 7:33 PM
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Subject: RE: New to Triathlon. Injured, but motivated
Thanks for the welcome! Fortunately the doctor said I can use pain as my guide and resume activities. It is likely just a sprain in the knee, but could be a torn meniscus (which they won't know until they can do an MRI, but they don't want to do that until the rest of the bruising heals). I was able to run a few miles today in my lower aerobic zone and it felt really good. The idea of working out at a lower heart rate has been very relaxing and therapeutic to me, which is part of the reason I am drawn to the endurance sports. Unfortunately my bike didn't fare as well as I thought (frame was slightly bent), so I may be without a bike for a bit. The stationary bike will have to suffice for now. However, I'm fortunate it was the bike and not me :-).
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