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2013-06-18 2:27 PM

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Subject: Strength Training for well rounded triathletes?
This is my strength training plan, and i was wondering what you guys thought about it, and what your own training routine looks like; strength and actual triathlon-based training.

Monday- rest
Tuesday- upper #1/ core #1
Wednesday- lower #1/ core #2
Thursday- upper #2/core #3
Friday- rest
Saturday- lower #2/ core #4
Sunday- upper #3/ core #5

Upper #1- push-up, pull-up, muscle up, 1 minute push-up, burpee pull-ups, incline bench press, wide grip lat pulldowns

Upper #2- dips, chin-ups, heavy object holds, burpees, explosive push-ups, one arm dumbbell curls, one arm tricep extensions

Upper #3- 2 minute shadow box w/ dumbbell, dumbbell rows, 3-point pull up hold, reverse push-ups, pike push-ups, seated cable row,

Lower #1- squat, jump lunge, calf raises, one legged jumps, lateral jumps, sprints, leg press, hamstring curls

Lower #2- lunges, jump squats, one legged calf raises, one legged squats, forward jumps, step ups, seated quad extension

Core #1- v ups, Russian twists, leg raises, butt raises (after every set, 1 minute jump rope)

Core #2- flutter kicks, plank, sit-ups, bicycle crunches (after every set, 1 minute jump rope)

Core#3- weighted v ups, floor wipers, sitting holds, lay down hold (after every set, 1 minute jump rope)

Core #4- side crunches, in and outs, side plank, bar sit ups (after every set, 1 minute jump rope)

Core #5- L sit, bar rainbow, side v ups, bar knee raises (after every set, 1 minute jump rope)

2013-06-19 12:27 PM
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Subject: RE: Strength Training for well rounded triathletes?
When my training weeks for IM were 17+ hours a week my Weight training looked like this:

Monday: eff im tired from weekend.
Tuesday: maybe tomorrow
Wednesday: Yeah im still tired
Thursday: Ill do it tomorrow on my rest day
Friday: its rest day
Saturday: its my long bike today i dont have time
Sunday: its my long run today I'm good.

With that being said, i wish i did more weights during my training, it would of prevented some injuries i would guess.

But yah, if you can fit that much weights into you're schedule and still get in the S/B/R then its good.

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2013-06-20 9:32 AM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: Strength Training for well rounded triathletes?

During triathlon season I only schedule once gym session a week (maybe a couple of times if another workout gets cancelled due to weather).  During the off season I'll schedule two or three gym sessions on a regular basis.

I pretty much base my workout on this:

I'll add that I was primarily a weightlifter prior to getting involved with triathlon and still greatly enjoy my time at the gym.  But my experience is that there is really no substitute for the specificity of actual S/B/R training if you want to improve your triathlon performance.

My primarly objectives in lifting during tri season are:  1.) injury prevention, & 2.) slowing/reversing muscle loss due to age (I just turned 60).



2013-08-11 11:11 PM
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Subject: RE: Strength Training for well rounded triathletes?
Although you haven't posted any set/rep ranges, what you have set up appears to be more of a localized muscular endurance routine versus one geared more towards building strength/correcting muscular imbalances or deficiencies. This article gives a great overview on strength training for endurance athletes if that's what you're interested in: Here's a longer version:
I currently follow on upper/lower split focused on squats, bench presses, and deads with accessory work focused on rounding out weaker muscle groups (core training would fall in this category).

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