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2013-06-20 9:48 AM

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Marshfield Wi
Subject: What can you say?
The DFL thread reminded me of a sprint I did last year.
Shortly after I finished I needed to leave. As I am walking my bike to the car a gal was finishing her bike leg and was crying to what looked to be her mother how miserable she felt and was sure she was last and so on.
I clapped her in but felt horrible especially as she knew I was done.I so wanted to say something that would help to make her proud to be doing it and pushing through but I came up empty.
Any ideas?

2013-06-20 9:53 AM
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Subject: RE: What can you say?
You had to leave, so this may not have worked, but someone did this for me this past weekend...

I was severely overheated on the run and had started walking to massage a hamstring cramp. I was MOP but struggling badly. An older guy came up on me and running by simply said "come on". He "picked" me up and encouraged me for the next 4 miles. Not sure I could have made it without him. He told me his pace was "moving forward". He picked up 2 other struggling runners that day. What a great guy. I thought, if I see that happen to anyone else I could do the same thing.
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