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2013-06-20 7:02 PM


Subject: what to wear for sprint tri (male!)
Hi all,
dipping my toe into the world of triathlon in September and the question of "what should I wear?" seems to be a common one.

Firstly, this is a sprint triathlon and the swim will be in a pool. So no wetsuit required.
I am on a really tight budget so my thoughts were, get some "tri-shorts" and even if I decide to not do another one, I can still use them for cycling.
The problem is that "proper" tri-shorts are fairly expensive and I dont even know what the difference is between tri-shorts and cycle shorts!

If its just the thickness and/or material of the pad, I am thinking about getting some shorts without a pad - I'm guessing it would be more comfortable to have no pad, than riding 20km in a heavy wet nappy! Can I just get some cheap (and therefore thin padded) cycle shorts?

Whats your suggestions?


2013-06-21 10:31 AM
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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: what to wear for sprint tri (male!)

I would look into Tri shorts specifically because of the run protion.  Cycling shorts will not be comfortable at all on the run portion and could possibly cause so very bad chafing in certain areas.  Tri shorts have a small pad that is designed to dry quicker when coming out of the water to help prevent chafe on the bike as well as the run.  You can find a cheap pair of tri shorts on clearance or shop on Amazon.  Size should be the same as you wear in cycling shorts.

Not too bad on pricing there...

2013-06-21 12:49 PM
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Greenville, SC
Subject: RE: what to wear for sprint tri (male!)
if you don't mind riding with no pad in your shorts you could do all three legs in just compression shorts. but if you don't have those you should go ahead and just get a pair of tri shorts, the pad doesn't really hold any water at all that you will notice when riding.
2013-06-21 9:12 PM
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Subject: RE: what to wear for sprint tri (male!)
I would mostly agree with that but watch out for possibly revealing the junk with compression shorts only...
2013-06-22 10:57 PM
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Cypress, CA
Subject: RE: what to wear for sprint tri (male!)
If budget is your main concern you should be able to complete a sprint in whatever swim trunks you have and a t-shirt.

But if budget is a concern you may want to rethink triathlon altogether--gear addiction is definitely a hazard.
2013-06-24 9:11 AM
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Subject: RE: what to wear for sprint tri (male!)
Just wear what you are training in and if you like it and plan on racing again then invest. Tri shorts will be more comfortable through the entire race. Especially compared to wearing cycling shorts. If you are looking for a deal I typically get gear from Good selection and returns are not a hassle. Good luck, enjoy your first race.

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2013-06-24 12:53 PM
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Subject: RE: what to wear for sprint tri (male!)
I did my first sprint in my swim trunks. Had no problem at all.
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