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Tour of America's Dairyland - Cycle

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
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Event comments:

This race was on the schedule all year, but it was never really set aside as an “A” goal, that just kind of happened as my fitness came around and I peaked properly for the beginning of the 10 days of racing. Let’s see how we can fair in the Masters ¾ overall. Although I finished off the podium in 4th position, it was a great race, a great experience, and I learned a whole lot about bike racing, stage racing, how my body reacts to repeated racing days, and got some great training in for Cyclocross Season.

I went through a lot during the race, and rather than bore anybody with a daily synopsis I jotted down some random thoughts throughout the week that really show the different places that my mind was during that time......

* How come I am not hungry and seem to have to force myself to eat. And to make matters worse, NOTHING tastes good.
* Dealing with the ‘racing stack’ of repeated days is a learning experience.
* As a previous weekend warrior, I have a newfound respect for those that race everyday. I wish I could have shown up to some of these races with fresh legs.
* There is nowhere to hide during the Schlitz Park Crit. You either have it or you don’t.
* The uphill sprint finish at Road America is longer and steeper than you think it is.
* When you crash or have a mechanical you go through the stages of mourning. This happened to me after the Fondy Road Race incident. Pissed, disappointed, satisfied I didn't crash, moving on.
* Delays in scoring and mistakes in scoring gave everybody more gray hair. This should not be an issue with an event of this caliber.
* Still amazing the companionship of rivals from other teams, I even had a couple of guys try to file a protest for me with US Cycling.
* Amazing how the peloton with start self policing itself of dangerous or sketchy riders.
* Racing a stage race will give you a completely new respect for Grand Tour Riders. A hundred miles a day for 3 weeks? Impossible for a normal human!
* You soon realize that you have no time to do anything else, you race, you eat, you try to recover, you clean your bike, you do laundry, you repack your gear, you sleep, you warm-up, you race, you cool-down, repeat.....
* Day 8 thoughts after FDL Crit. Legs can show up at any time, I know that we have been racing a lot, have built up some serious TSS, but tomorrow is Downer. I’ll say it again. Tomorrow is Downer, I would appreciate it if you show up.
* After long or high TSS days, eat something right before you go to bed or hunger will wake you up. You won’t wake up hungry, hunger will wake you up.

Some interesting numbers:
Days = 10
Races = 8 Crits, 2 Road Races
Avg Race Speed = 24.94 mph
Avg Race Normalized Power = 259.5 watts
Miles = 345
Total TSS = 1540
Calories = 9811
Pounds = 4.0
Spokes = 4
Tubes = 1
Bib numbers = 1
Days of Vac = 6
Loads of Laundry = 4
Days in Compression Pants or Calf Sleeves = 11
Hours with feet on the wall above my head = 7
Crashes = ZERO
Close calls = Can’t pay attention to that or you wouldn’t be racing...

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2013-07-01 11:26 AM

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Tosa, WI
Subject: Tour of America's Dairyland

2013-07-01 4:53 PM
in reply to: #4792725

Charlotte, NC
Subject: RE: Tour of America's Dairyland
Very cool picture!!!
2013-07-01 7:41 PM
in reply to: #4792725

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Almaden Valley, San Jose, California
Subject: RE: Tour of America's Dairyland

I like the random thoughts and the stats!!

Great job - can't imagine a 10 day race.

Awesome picture!

2013-07-01 8:03 PM
in reply to: velcromom

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Verona WI--Ironman Bike Country!
Subject: RE: Tour of America's Dairyland

Dino, I really loved following you for the last 10 days and receiving those random emails in the days leading up to the race.  I could tell you were jazzed and planning to give it all you had.  And that is exactly what you did!  

Now it's time to rest up and think about that other "thing" on your bucket list before you launch into cross in a couple of months!

Well done!

2013-07-02 4:09 AM
in reply to: #4792725

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Subject: RE: Tour of America's Dairyland
2013-07-02 1:50 PM
in reply to: fattyfatfat

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Subject: RE: Tour of America's Dairyland
You have inspried many of us. I am new to cycling tri in general and got huge motivation from you the last 10 days.

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