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2013-07-01 1:53 PM

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Subject: Toenails
Ran a 50K at the beginning of June and had bruising on my big toes. No big deal (no pain, wasn't lifted up, etc). Two weeks post race, stuff started oozing out from under nail of left, big toe. The right one is fine. Eventually ended up in urgent care when my entire toe/foot had red streaks and was swollen and the pain was out of control. Took a round of antibiotics for 5 days before the Doc called back and then I took a more specific RX based on the culture for another ten days. Oh, and the nail has 2 holes to drain.

Now, infection cleared up (or so I think). Nail is about 1/3 normal and the rest is white and there is fluid underneath. Finally able to wear a shoe and actually went for a 3 mile run this morning (feeling a little stir crazy) and it felt okay. Question is this, is there anything to put on it to protect/cushion it? Any slight pressure on the top can be uncomfortable. Bike shoes are unbearable. Could I bike in sport sandals? I see my normal primary care tomorrow and will see if I need to get back in to a podiatrist. I've been warned they are a little too eager to just take them off and this scares me. Is it likely just a matter of time before it gets infected again? Any helpful advice on getting it removed?

Who knew a toe could be so frustrating/limiting?!!

2013-07-01 4:17 PM
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Subject: RE: Toenails

Have you tried toe caps? They sell them at all the running store. I am constantly loosing my toenails. I'm in various stages of growing in or falling off on 4 of them right now. Those little babies save me when the toe nail is very tender. Just slide them over your toe and go!

Good Luck!

2013-07-01 5:19 PM
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ann arbor, michigan
Subject: RE: Toenails
I lose about 3-4 toenails per year. As soon as they get a blister under the nail, they are done for. I wait a couple days for them to loosen up, grit my teeth really hard, and just pull em off. The raw nail bed hurts for about a week or so but with a banaid on it I can run and ride and everything else. They toughen up pretty quick. It takes about six months for them to grow back. Sometimes longer.

If you don't want to pull the whole thing off, just use some clippers to trim all of the nail back to where it looks normal. Again, it will hurt for a few days but sometimes I think it is just better to bite the bullet and get it over with.

My feet are really ugly by the way. As a guy, it doesn't bother me too much but as a woman, the pedicure isn't going to look real good for awhile. My kids like to make fun of my feet. They always remind me that I do it to myself.
2013-07-01 6:40 PM
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Subject: RE: Toenails
I lost a few toe nails but they grow back. After a few races, I realized that the reason my toes were getting damaged was that my feet swelled during longer races and banged around in the toe box. The solution was to use shoes 1/2 size larger for half marathons and HIMs. For IM, I go a full size larger. Part of the swelling seems to happen during the bike ride.

Good luck!
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