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2013-10-15 7:34 AM
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Ontario Canada
Subject: RE: new tires
Michelin Pro 4's here , I have always had great luck with the pro series tires, great grip I change tires yearly and flats or excessive wear have never been a issue for me But then I am only doing around 12 to1400 miles a season outside on realitively good roads.

2013-10-15 9:34 AM
in reply to: DOH22

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ann arbor, michigan
Subject: RE: new tires
I train on whatever I can get from the local shop for under $30.

I have raced since 2011 on Vittoria Evo Open Corsas. First the "slick" in 23 mm and now the "triathlon" in 22 mm. These tires have low rolling resistance and just feel fast on the bike. I also use latex tubes when racing. They are supposed to be somewhat fragile but I have never had a flat while using them, knocks on wood.

You can't go wrong with the GP 4000S. Zillions of folks use them, including top level pros and you can usually get them for a great deal. Pro Bike Kit seems to have them on sale every other week.
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