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2013-07-27 5:16 PM
in reply to: RedCorvette

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Great White North
Subject: RE: Who is liable?
Was a check in/out procecure in place if there was not I agree since the check in/out procedure is not in the rule book. But if check in/out was in effect they should be owing up to their mistake.

2013-07-27 7:31 PM
in reply to: simpsonbo

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Atlanta, Georgia
Subject: RE: Who is liable?
I'm a total tri newbie (still haven'r done any races) and this is exactly one of my biggest fears of the investment required to get into the sport. Especially when you are a month out from your first IM & you likely had your bike dialed in just right.

Hope it all works out in time for your IM. Keep us updated on the RD & if he ever grows a pair & calls you.
2013-07-28 10:01 AM
in reply to: Meathead

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Key West
Subject: RE: Who is liable?
I'm an attorney (not your attorney and am not giving legal advice--gotta say that), and I can tell you that the release you signed is not really worth the paper it is written on if the RD was negligent. So, if they did not follow procedures, they would ultimately be on the hook. You might want to check with your HO insurance company and see if they will try to subrogate against the RD. If they do, they can try to get your deductible from the RD as well. If not, you can take the RD to small claims court for the deductible amount and you don't have to have an attorney. As long as you can convince the court that had the RD followed their procedures your bike would not have been stolen, you may get a judgment for your deductible back.

That's an option for you. BTW, I am sorry about this and it will sure make me pay close attention next TRI.
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