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2013-08-30 1:47 PM

Subject: FNG, Yes That's Me
Hello BT,

I've been lurking around the site for a few weeks trying to learn the lingo and just plain learn.

A little background in that I've been overweight A.K.A. FAT for a good portion of my life. Finally after years of struggling and just after my 40th B-Day I found a Fat Dr. that has worked. In the past year I've dropped 80 pounds off my 5' 9" frame to get down to my current weight of 255. Spent pretty much just that year getting the mind right and sticking to a program longer than 90 days. So current stats are 255lbs., ~157lbs. of lean mass which puts me right at 40% body fat according to the Inbody 520 scale.

In July I added the structured excercise and while no stranger to exercise this is the first time that I have done any sort of structured running outside. I started the C25K app and have got through week 6, now running 25 minutes non stop at about a 13 min/mile pace. I really enjoy the running and with a lot of weight gone it's not too bad on the knees and ankles. Signed up for a local 5K in September and looking forward to completing that.

My wife and I already enjoyed biking and I'm a PADI Dive Master which to be a DM I had to swim 400 yards timed. I did that swim when I was still 335lbs. It was slow but I cranked it out in about 12 minutes which was good enough to pass. Although I'm not happy with just good enough.

So that's how I ended up here. I now do all 3 sports and got me thinking that I should use a triathlon (Sprint) as a 2014 goal. Mainly to keep me focused and dialed in.

Looking forward to learning more and it's very motivating seeing how much many of you have acomplished.


2013-08-30 2:29 PM
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Subject: RE: FNG, Yes That's Me
Good luck, Ron. Just be's addicting. Good luck, enjoy the ride.
2013-08-30 3:00 PM
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Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Subject: RE: FNG, Yes That's Me

Welcome Ron, you'll find no shortage of support and advice here.  I was in a similar situation that you were (not quite as heavy, but overweight and a smoker) I used triathlon to change my life, and I couldn't be happier then I am today.

I recommend joining our weight loss thread in the triing for weight loss section of this forum.  It really helped me, maybe it would help you to! 

Just remember its a journey too, you'll have rough patches and there will be numerous times that you want to quit.  You can always come here and ask for support / advice.  Like I said there is a great community here. 


Welcome and best of luck!!

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