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2013-08-30 3:02 PM

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Subject: Michigan Based Triathlon Podcast
I know I've posted this before and I realize it shows up in my posts regarding other topics, but seriously, my intention is to make you aware, not inundate you. Regardless, here is the link to the show I finished publishing moments ago. Peace.

~Tri Sam, of the Tri Briefs Podcast

In the immortal words of the bullies that pulled down the gym shorts "teen scientists" in the cult classic movie, Weird Science..."Yo! Check us out!"

Does anyone know this reference? One of the funniest movies of all least according to my teenaged self.

2013-09-03 10:06 AM
in reply to: Tri Sam

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Jenison, MI
Subject: RE: Michigan Based Triathlon Podcast
I'll check out the podcast sometime soon. And yes, I know that reference well. One of my favorite lines is Lisa talking about the party they are going to - "chips, dips, chains, whips".

2013-09-03 3:16 PM
in reply to: MSU_Brad

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Subject: RE: Michigan Based Triathlon Podcast
Cool. I hope you like what you hear.
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