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2013-08-31 4:04 AM

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Subject: Child carriers and race bike's

A question i have a hard time getting an answer to..

I live in the forrest and i have 4km to the nearest asphalt road, our dirt road is very good but still.. I also have 1 boy and anotherone on the way. I have a chariot cx 2, I run with it and I want to ride the bike with it.. I am new to tritathlon so I need to buy a bike. The question then is:

1. Can i pull a chariot with a race bike?
2. would a race bike survive my road conditions?

What should I have in mind when choosing a race bike..?

My goals are not competetive racing, just participating racing so to speak.. 2015 I need to survive a Ironman and I want what ever bike i buy to endure both Ironman, dirt road and child carriers.. Is it even remotly possible?

2013-08-31 7:59 AM
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Hudson Valley
Subject: RE: Child carriers and race bike's
A cyclocross bike would be ideal for your fitness goals road conditions. Use the 32 mm wiide knobby tires for the packed dirt road, and switch to slicks for race day. I would not try to pull the Chariot CX 2 with the bike. Its center of gravity is too high for its track width. There will be roll-overs. There are bike-specific trailers that would safely carry your training partners.
2013-08-31 8:17 AM
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Northern Ontario (near Lake Superior)
Subject: RE: Child carriers and race bike's
How about this idea. Go to a local used store and pick up a cheap MTB or hybrid to pull the kids on the Chariot. Your not going to go for really long training rides with the kids on tugging along I figure 20km max You have the bike attachment for the chariot right? I have a MEC jogging stroller/ bike carrier and have never had a problem with roll overs. This would leave you free to buy a decent road bike. you could ride on the dirt road to pavement (depends on the condition of the road. I've ridden 2 km on dirt road but some sections were extremely packed down by the application of calcium to keep road dust down. I have a carbon trek with 700x 23c gatorskins tires on it. If the road isn't in the greatest condition just throw the bike in the vehicle and drive to the pavement.
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