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2013-09-18 9:32 PM

Subject: ISM Adamo Prologue
So after using a more traditional saddle and struggling with hotspots I finally took a leap and got the Prologue. After putting it on and trying it out all I can say is... AMAZING. I know they are not for everyone but for me, wish I would have changed a long time ago.


2013-09-21 2:30 PM
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Subject: RE: ISM Adamo Prologue
The Prologue is my favorite saddle as well. I don't find a need to change between a training and racing saddle, just use the Prologue for both.

Of course, a good chamois pad and cream also go a long way as well.
2013-09-23 4:52 PM
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Subject: RE: ISM Adamo Prologue

I just switched to the Prologue a little over a month ago.  Oh Em Gee!  Totally has changed my thoughts on bike comfort.  I had still been riding the stock saddle on my P1, and it wasn't uncommon for it to start getting uncomfortable 12 miles into a ride.  With the Prologue, I've gone as long as 70 with minimal discomfort.


I still get some minor chafing/hotspots on the butt crease where it meets the leg that a slightly differently shaped (narrower) saddle would likely resolve, but this is BY FAR the best cycling choice I've made to date.

2013-09-23 5:51 PM
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Subject: RE: ISM Adamo Prologue
Hated HATED it. Hate hate hate. In 25 years of riding, it was by far, for me, the worst saddle I ever used. I could never get comfortable on it. It dug into the creases in my upper thighs like it was nobody's business. After a 50 mile ride on this thing, I literally was not able to ride for 3 or 4 days because of the soreness.
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The ISM Adamo Racing Saddle is difficult to define. It doesn’t look like a bicycle saddle. It doesn’t mount like a bicycle saddle. And yet, it does feel like a bicycle saddle.