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2013-09-19 12:47 PM

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Subject: Stress fracture - boot or no?

Hey all,

Just got the MR read on the better half's foot; it's a stress fracture of the 3rd metatarsel.  Really sux for her, as she's been running like a total beast this year and was looking great for a 10/20 marry...  Now it'll be 6-8 weeks off running altogether.

Anyhow, just wondering if anyone here has had one and used a boot or not, and what you thought of boot vs. no boot.

As a (pretty much former) doc myself, I don't often go to the interwebs for advice (although many of my doc peeps use Dr. Google way more than makes ME comfortable!).  Surprised  But, for this one there is little empirical evidence one way or the other, so I thought I'd get some opinions from the tribe...

Anyone been there, done that?



ETA: my advice was to do whichever made it hurt less (duh).  Outside of training and racing, where pain is my friend, my motto is "No Pain, No Pain."  Pretty simple.  Wink

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Subject: RE: Stress fracture - boot or no?
So you're the doc, right?

I guess it depends on how severe it is. You may not need a boot, but just a stiff sole that will prevent bending.

I had one and did not use any boot or sole or anything, I simply wore soft shoes and did not run or ride. However it took me more than 6-8 weeks to recover. After some 8-10 weeks I slowly started to run again, but in retrospect I think it was too soon. I didn't feel fully recovered till after 6+ months.

You can start riding sooner if you have good stiff bike shoes and don't do hills.

2013-09-19 2:14 PM
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Subject: RE: Stress fracture - boot or no?
We put my son in a boot when he got one almost one year ago.  He wore it for 4 weeks and then went another 4 weeks without running.  His coach ranhim back slowly using a program of 1/2 hour per day, 3 days per week, starting with 30 seconds running and 4.5 minutes walking and increasing the run part by 30 seconds each week.  At the end of 10 weeks you are back to running 1/2 hour and then resume training.  It worked perfectly.  As a note.....during the time he couldn't run he increased his swimming dramatically and made huge gains.
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