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2013-09-29 6:09 PM
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Great White North
Subject: RE: Which pedals do I get?
Same here been using them since 1998. I broke my femur as a kid and have an externally rotated right leg.

2013-09-29 9:52 PM
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Twin Cities
Subject: RE: Which pedals do I get?

SPD are old school and IMHO junk. Pedal tech passed them by in 1994.

Huh. Well, I'm not sure how revolotionarily awesome the new pedals are...pedals are pedals. Nothing wrong with spds, and I'd hardly call them junk, esp. For beginners.
2013-10-01 10:02 PM
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East Windsor, NJ
Subject: RE: Which pedals do I get?
+1 on Speedplay.

Nothing like blindly stomping down when the traffic light turns green and you clip in with no probs. With other types, I find myself looking down at my feet when clipping in. Not sure about you, but at an intersection, I prefer to keep my eye firmly on the traffic.
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