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What were your IronFit program results?
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2013-09-27 8:33 PM

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Stafford, Virginia
Subject: What were your IronFit program results?
I'm reading Fink's IronFit book, and comparing the training programs to a few others. For those that followed his program, how do you feel the program did in preparing you for the IM?

If you modified one of the programs because it was too much or not enough, then how did you modify it?

2013-09-27 9:50 PM
in reply to: Guest

Subject: RE: What were your IronFit program results?
I did the competitive plan.

I split the long run and long bike. I moved the long bike to mid week. I ran more than the plan suggested. I didn't really find the "spin" sessions all that useful and skipped a lot of them. In hindsight, I would have done more hill work on the bike, and probably more time on the bike overall. The swim workouts were pretty boring. If I had the opportunity to do masters swim (none in area), I would think that would be far better, provided I put in the volume.

Overall, I would say it is a good plan. I can say with certainty that I was prepared, from what I've heard many people have had success with his plans.
2013-09-27 10:03 PM
in reply to: ImSore

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Subject: RE: What were your IronFit program results?
I did competitive. This year was my first HIM and full IM and I did way better than I thought. My goal was ~13 hours but I did it in 11:30. To be fair, it was only 75 or so during my IM. If it was 90+, like I trained in, I would have been closer to 13 hours for sure. I pretty much followed his plan to the T except there were definitely days where I was burned out. 30 weeks of training with no light at the end of the tunnel will break you down. Opposite of what ImSore said, I thought the spin sessions after the run helped a ton. The days I did do those, the next day I was nearly at 100% the next day. The days I did not, my knees felt very stiff and so did my legs/tendons. Doing those spin sessions after a 18+ mile run is now the norm for me. I seem to recover a lot better doing them, even if they feel so useless and it sucks to motivate yourself after a long run.

I have a hard time selecting too much or just right for me. It was too much when I wanted some free time but it was just right since I wanted to push myself and see what I was capable of. I'm reading the Triathlon Bible now and am thinking of making my own plan. I'll see how that goes but I'm hoping to buy a power meter soonish and the Triathlon Bible is all about power + HR, to make zones, instead of just HR.
2013-09-28 3:23 PM
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Stafford, Virginia
Subject: RE: What were your IronFit program results?
ImSore - Swim workouts are always boring!!! The lack of volume is what concerns me about the programs. Well that and the recommendation to run heel-toe...I thought that was bad.

Blastman - Good to know about the spin sessions. Maybe I'll start doing those now during my marathon training to help with the stiffness. I have the Triathlon Bible too. Friel is way into the power meter. In fact there he even says he won't coach someone without a power meter!

Did you both stick with the heart rate zones? Was all that Z2 training too slow?
2013-09-28 4:00 PM
in reply to: TRIingToBeBetter

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Bellevue, WA
Subject: RE: What were your IronFit program results?

You asked how well the programs do to prepare one for an IM.  Generally I think IronFit does a quite well if first you pick the right program for your goals (just finish, intermediate, competitive), and then second stick with the plan and do the workouts.  That last part is required of any program, and if you can't do that then it doesn't really matter what program you follow you'll have subpar results.

I've raced several IMs, one via Mark Allen Online coaching (my first), two with a local coach (including my fastest), and the last few years using various plans including two IMs more or less following the IronFit intermediate programs.  I like the programs in general.  I'm training now for IMAZ using the intermediate program, although I didn't start 30 weeks out.  I started in early August at week 16 on the plan, and I've been OK with following the bike and run but really not swimming enough. In the last few weeks I've focused on getting in the swimming time.  This is the end of week 23, and there's not much time left to race day.  To fight boredom in the pool I use an AudioFlood waterproof iPod which makes all the difference in the world.

I don't think IronFit programs lack volume especially for the intended target audience (time crunched athletes), and the volume is on par with other training plans I've used.  Of course, I won't even bother looking at a plan that peaks over 20 hours per weeks because I just don't have the time for that.

The Competitive program has multiple two-a-day sessions, and weeks 23 to 29 are 17, 18, 19, 19, 20, 14:30, and 11:00 hours followed by week 30 race week taper.  Earlier peak weeks are in the teens too.  This is not a "13 weeks to 13 hour Ironman" plan, or a "ten hours per week to IM finish" plan.  The Intermediate programs are a few hours shorter per week by trimming mostly mid-week workouts.  The weekend workouts are more or less as long as the competitive plan.

There's a lot of Z2 training in pretty much any age-group targeted, non-elite type of program.  Fink mixes in interval work at times, but not a great deal.  For example, a mid week run "1:00 Z2 at 10min 3x6 min Z4 @ min jog",  So you get 18 minutes in Z4 in three fairly long intervals - 30% of the workout in Z4.   In the past on other programs I've had a whole hour of running interval work, pyramids, and that sort of thing, especially on stand-alone marathon training plans.

As for running, he says in the running technique "land on your heel, then roll forward, and push off".  That's the classic heelstrike vs. midfoot strike vs. forefoot-strike religious debate.  Obviously you can ignore that advice and run some other style if you'd like. I don't think Fink expects total devotion.

I've been very pleased this season doing the higher RPM work in Fink's plans.  I'm naturally something of a masher down around 80rpm, and my coach a few years ago did a lot of 60 RPM type strength work.  I've had several injuries from spinning at 110+ in the past on spin bikes and the like; my hips just didn't like that sort of RPM.  This year I put on a 170 crank (replacing a 175) and my hips are doing fine at 100 RPM, and my legs like it too.  

2013-09-28 4:32 PM
in reply to: TRIingToBeBetter

Subject: RE: What were your IronFit program results?
My thought going in last year was to start the competitive plan and if it was to much just drop down to Intermediate.
In the end the competative plan was very doable, I'm doing it again this year for IMFL and ill use it again next year for IMTN.

The second year doind it definatly feels easier .

2013-09-28 6:52 PM
in reply to: brucemorgan

Subject: RE: What were your IronFit program results?
Originally posted by brucemorgan

  This is not a "13 weeks to 13 hour Ironman" plan, or a "ten hours per week to IM finish" plan. 

I'm curious what you mean by this ?
Im using the competitive plan this year again , I didn't adjust the plan I just train harder during the session than I was able to last year. I was planning on doing the same next year, so you think I should take a different route.
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