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2013-09-30 1:07 AM

Subject: Swim Training
Ok so my swimming schedule has changed recently and I now swim on a Wednesday and Saturday night. I have been focusing on Doing a mixture of 50m, 100m and 200m at pace with the odd 500 or 750m in there too.

My 100m pace is around 1:40, 200m pace around 3:30.
The swim sessions are 1hr long each and I have been doing 2km on each day.

My question is how should I structure my swim training, should I be doing pull and kick sets etc or just focusing on building the speed.

2013-09-30 2:20 AM
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Subject: RE: Swim Training
Originally posted by Longhorn1981

My 100m pace is around 1:40, 200m pace around 3:30.
The swim sessions are 1hr long each and I have been doing 2km on each day.

Rest less, swim more. Assuming above pace, with 20sec rest per 100m you should be swimming 3K in 1hr, whereas right now you almost rest as much as you swim. Generally when you do repeats you should get around 10-15sec rest between each repeat, get accustomed to using the pace clock and leave on a fixed time.

Do repeats of 50 or maybe 100 if you want to focus on speed, repeats of 100 for focus on technique, repeats of 100-200 at hard pace, repeats of 200-400 for endurance. There's normally no reason to do longer repeats in a swim workout. Whether you should do pull or kick sets and drills depends, better have a coach watch you swim and give you instructions.

Keep your workouts simple and structured, a mix of random and odd distances is not structured, if you can't remember it, it's too complicated. Key advice from Crowie, "every workout should have a purpose", if you know the purpose of your workout then it will be easy to figure out what to do.

So, an endurance main set for you could be:

5x400 @7:20


12x200 @3:50

At this time of the year you'll likely focus on building base endurance (assuming you're on the northern hemisphere).


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Subject: RE: Swim Training
Thanks For the advice, I do tend to wait a bit after each set to recover so will take the advice and pause for max 15 secs.

2013-09-30 1:33 PM
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Subject: RE: Swim Training
If you want to take a look at the structure of workouts we do, I post all of the workouts for the team here:

I coach a masters team that is mostly triathletes and the workouts are focused around getting better at open water swimming/distance freestyle.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Tim Floyd
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