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2013-10-01 7:08 AM

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Subject: medial calcaneal neuritis
I've had PF for 2.5 years. I have done PT 4 times, wore a boot, got orthotics, had the PRP injection. I feel like I could write a book on the subject. My pain is very localized to the inside of the bottom of the heel. I looked up medial calcaneal neuritis and that is the exact location. Anyone familiar with this that could chime in and share experiences? It's so very localized to that area. I no longer have the 1st thing in the morning issues. Just a constant pain in one spot. I'm beyond frustrated. And I'm wondering how it gets diagnosed. MRI? nerve test? And is surgery the only option? Thanks!


2013-11-28 10:55 PM
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Subject: RE: medial calcaneal neuritis
I had medial calcaneal neuritis. I thought that it was PF (I'm a runner), so I was doing all the stretches and strengtheners and icing. I tried night splinting and PF sleeves. I really got no relief and it was just getting worse. I had a really sensitive spot my heel that was about halfway between the underside and the side of my foot.

I finally was able to see a podiatrist. I pushed on the nerve for my foot and I howled! He gave me a cortisone shot and said that it probably wouldn't do any permanent good. I felt ok for about about 2 weeks, but then the pain returned. He tried another cortisone shot with the same result. Finally I decided to do radio frequency nerve ablation because I was in so much pain. I just had that 6 days ago. So far my results have been pretty good. I have a greatly reduced level of pain, but I'm still having twinges. I read online that sometimes patients have pain for 1-2 weeks after the ablation.

After my diagnosis, I really didn't find a lot of information about medial calcaneal neuritis that wasn't written by podiatrist. Most of what the podiatrists were writing seem to indicate that killing the nerve was going to be the only real permanent solution. I really haven't found anyone who gives any other solution. At one point, I felt like the level of pain that I was at could be ignored over the long run, but then it got progressively worse. I haven't been able to get my running back on track, so I finally did the ablation out of desperation.

I didn't have the MRI, but apparently the relief that I had from the cortisone shot around the nerve is supposed to be an indicator that it was nerve pain.

I would love to hear any other information you've been able to find.

2013-11-28 10:59 PM
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Subject: RE: medial calcaneal neuritis
I also had a weird thing happen with my foot that also seems to point at an irritated nerve. One morning my foot pain was horrible, and I really couldn't understand why. I was about in tears. Finally I was holding my foot in my hand, and I realized that I had a sticker stuck to my foot on the skin right over my irritated nerve. It was just like a little kid's art stickers, but just having it touch my skin seem to send my nerve into overload! Almost as soon as I took it off, my foot felt so much better. Still painful, but not nearly as bad.
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