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2013-10-01 9:25 AM

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Subject: suggestions for meal replacement shake?
Typically we ( husband and myself) follow a real foods concept to eating but we will be traveling this weekend for a wheelchair rugby tournament as a player and support staff. We know at this particular tournament from past years experience that the food provided is always pretty un-healthy ( pizza, hotdogs, chips, soda ) not really what you want to be eating while competing or in my case running around and repetitively lifting. I was trying to think what other then bars would be easy to bring with us (flying to location) and thought a good meal replacement powder would be easy to carry, prepare and gentler on the stomach...but which one? Looking for any recommendations, hopefully one that tastes 'ok' as Ill choke it down vs. eating crap but my husband is a bit pickier. Thanks in advance!

2013-10-04 12:19 PM
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Nashville, TN
Subject: RE: suggestions for meal replacement shake?
i use protein powder, banana, blue beries, kale
2013-10-04 1:03 PM
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Teaneck, New Jersey
Subject: RE: suggestions for meal replacement shake?
I use Optimal Nutrition banana flavor, with frozen blueberries, yogurt and sometimes chia or flaxseed oil.

2013-10-04 8:07 PM
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Subject: RE: suggestions for meal replacement shake?
I use Visalus mixed with frozen fruit and kefir.

The Visalus is a sweet cream flavor that takes mix-ins well. You'd have to find someone selling it though.

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